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Is it possible to run a module stand-alone without the MM framework?

  • After having spent 3 months starting and restarting the MM framework a thousand times, for debugging purposes, I came up with the question, if there is a way to run a mudule without the MM framework. After all, we have already installed all the pieces and dependencies, the default config is already present in the module itself and so on.

    So what would it take to run a module stand-alone?
    (No worry about the layout, positioning and CSS.)

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    @E3V3A What is the issue you’re trying to solve? Trying to speed up development?

    In theory the module is just a NodeJS app so it should be possible to run it standalone, but you would not have the benefit of the module framework – socket notifications, helper methods, underlying class methods, such as updateDom(), etc.

    If you are just after making development easier and faster, I’d suggest instead to install MagicMirror on your desktop or laptop computer, and run in as server only (node serveronly). Use Chrome as your browser as I believe its rendering engine is the same as Electron’s. This way you’ll have the benefit of your fast computing power, and subsequently fast restarting of MagicMirror, especially when run in server-only mode.

  • @j.e.f.f Thank you. Yeah, that seem to be the best dev solution so far.

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