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How much cpu/ram usage does mm use

  • Hi all.
    Didn’t quite know where to post this as it’s no a problem it’s just info for my own purpose.
    I would like to know if magic mirror is resource heavy on cpu and ram as I would like to attach a hard drive to it aswell and setup up dlna on my mirror so I can also use to stream media across my network.
    Obviously don’t want to put to much pressure on my little pi 2 that’s currently in my mirror.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Hey @robmcc83,

    There’s not really a right answer; it will depend on the configuration of MM and what modules you have installed. Because the RPi runs both the server and client, either the front or back end can be processor or memory intensive.

    For reference, I have reasonable MM load on an RPi3B … in fact, low CPU usage but mid memory use (945K total, 304K used, 505K cache). I admit I’ve not even tried to optimize it and likely have more running than I need. But I’m not sure that I would try to also stream video or transfer large files as well.

    For that, I would look at more powerful RPi alternatives or scrounge up some outdated laptop hardware.

  • I use to use my rpi3 which had retropie install on it also as a plex server and had torrent software on it, I used it like that for around 8 months and everything was fine but the only problem I had is I use to take the pi to friends houses alot at weekends then the kids use to moan that they couldn’t watch anything on plex whilst I was out lol.
    But it seems retropie uses less resources when idle than magic mirror does.
    For example if I enter “top” on my magic mirror electron is running twice and cpu usage is around 25-30%.
    Retropie on the other hand idles around 1-3% only even going up a couple of percent whilst streaming to my smart tv.
    I think I’ll just have to pull out one of my spare memory cards and see what happens I think.
    For sure I’ll post back my results here just for everyone else’s information:)

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