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[MMM-NowPlayingOnSpotify] – Display the currently on Spotify playing song

  • Module Developer

    Here’s another module I created. It displays the song you are currently listening to on Spotify. It doesn’t matter whether you play the song on your desktop or on your smart phone. Also you don’t need any third party app to connect to Spotify. All you need is included in the module.

    You can find it on GitHub. A detailed description how to get it working is included.

    A song is playing and showCoverArt is set to false. A song is playing and showCoverArt is set to true.

    Feel free to tell me what you think.

  • @raywo wooooow! That thing looks aaaaaaaaawesome! Can’t wait to test it:D

  • Wow look very cool.

    Also you don’t need any third party app to connect to Spotify.

    How does it work? Shazam kind of magic?

  • @E3V3A description is on github 😉

    Step 2 – Create and authorise a Spotify app
    In order to be able to connect to the Spotify API you need to create an app in the Spotify developer area. Then you need to authorise the app to access your personal data. Et voilà!

    The module provides you with a special app which describes all the necessary steps and which guides you through the whole process. To use this app change into the authorization folder and start the app by typing node app.

    cd authorization
    node app
    When the app is running you can access it by opening localhost:8888 in your browser. Provided you are doing this directly on your Raspberry Pi. If you want to access the app remotely just type the ip address or the name of your Raspberry like so for instance: http://raspi:8888. Then you should see the authorisation app like below.

  • Awesome module! I use it in fullscreen_below which creates a nice effect!
    I did change the css a little (added margin-left and changed width to 90% for the album cover because this looks nicer with my custom.css), but this is really a great module.

  • Module Developer

    @marcnlx Awesome idea! Maybe you can add a screenshot.

  • Very cool module! Thanks for that.
    The Setup with your App is really easy and it seemed to work. After a restart your module loaded and showed my currently played song.
    But it won’t update. Progress bar wont run forwards. Next Song is not shown. Even after another restart the initial song is displayed.

    Do you have any Tips how to fix this? 🙂

  • Module Developer

    @BananaBro sounds weird. Do you have a free or a premium account?

  • Premium Account. I just tried to create a new App in the Spotify developer dashboard with new Client ID and Secret and set up the Module once more.
    For now its working…
    Maybe it was just Spotify messing something up! I keep you updated if it will stop working for me again.
    Thanks again for this nice module.

  • Module Developer

    @BananaBro glad to hear that it is working now.

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