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What are you guys using for the mirror?

  • Are you guys finding actual suppliers for the mirror? Or are people using the film on glass? I’m interested in making one, but all the suppliers I’ve found that make the actual mirror are super expensive.

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    Actual glass two-way mirror is best and most expensive.

    Acrylic two-way mirror is ok and moderately priced.

    Film on glass is cheapest but extremely difficult to work with.

    People have used all three. Depends on your budget and the quality of the outcome you want.

  • In searching for glass I’ve found a few different product just curious what products others have used. Mirrorpane, Mirroview, Dielectric, and VanityView mirrors. I have a quote from the first 2 which are around $150 each for the size I’ll need, just curious if anyone knows the difference or prefers one product over another?

  • Here’s a video comparison

  • @vaju0503 - If it helps, I have built two mirrors with VanityVision via and one with acrylic via I definitely prefer the glass vs. acrylic, but I have no experience between brand names of glass. That said, the acrylic mirror did what I wanted it to do. Honestly, I think the differences are minor enough that you won’t care.

  • Thanks for the input… I was down at my local glass store and they commented that for something like this you may want to stick to glass as well, mainly because acrylic scratches up much easier and will have a lesser overall quality, the price they quoted me for glass wasn’t too bad around $120 or so, which seems cheaper than others I’ve seen online.