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how to put my code into QRCode?

  • hi everyone…so I managed to install the QRCode onto my MM…but, I would like it to be my home wifi code thats shown. I have no idea how to change the “example” code to be my wifi code.
    Stupid new at this too…another post is me having an error with MMM-voice.
    any beginners language advice would be so greatly appreciated! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

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    What are you using to display the QRCode? A module displaying an image file?

  • @Mykle1 Hi thank you for replying to me but I think I am that new to this that I didnt even understand your question…all I did is install the module as per the example…i dont know how to config t to suit my wifi needs for the code…nd to be honest I am in awe that you have replied…I have added so many of your modules to my first MM!..I even wanted to ask for a dummies version of how to install Hello Lucy:)

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    I even wanted to ask for a dummies version of how to install Hello Lucy:)

    If you read the Hello-Lucy readme very carefully the directions are quite specific. I thought I made it as easy as possible to follow. Give it some time and you should be able to get through it successfully.

    Ok, so the module you installed is called QRCode? I’m not familiar with it but I’ll take a look at it

  • @Mykle1 thank you so much…I will read the documentation again, did feel I over thought the MMM-voice, but have an error on that at the moment. But still did over think it…Would seriously appreciate any help you my be able to assist with. I am from South Africa…and its bed time 🙂 so hopefully will chat tomorrow - have an amazing evening!

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    If, as you say, you have already installed the MMM-QRCode module then you would simply have to make your config.js entry as follows.

        module: 'MMM-QRCode',
        position: "bottom_left",            // place where you want it
        config: {
            text: "Scan to join my network", // Any text you want
    	colorDark  : "#fff",
    	colorLight : "#000",
            imageSize  : 150,                // the size of the QRCode displayed.
            showRaw    : false,              // will hide and show your text

    From what I can tell, the module itself creates the code for you.

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