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Firing off Javascript after getDom elements have drawn on the page

  • I am using Magic Mirror with bootstrap, jquery, and some custom javascript code to make touchscreen things happen on a module I am working on. If I fire off the javascript init function after the updateDom event, I don’t get an error, but the dom elements I am trying to run my function against are not yet part of the page, so nothing happens. As part of the debug process, I put a console log line in, so I can confirm that the javascript init() function ran. The module displays everything correctly, but the touch screen elements do not work.

    The module functions a lot like the newsfeed, so after 15 seconds, it calls back out to the server for a new update. If I don’t send it a new update (so it doesn’t redraw the html) but the javascript init fires again, now all of the touch screen elements work.

    Basically what I need to know is: where do I need to put the init() function call, in order to let all the dom elements draw on the page, so the javascript can see them? Is there an “afterGetDom” function I can run?

    I know i am not submitting the code along with this question, but the code is fairly length, and I didn’t want to paste it. If you guys need to see it, I can provide chunks of it.

  • @jetnet the only hook that I’m aware off is when the getdom function gets executed the first time, then you could work with MODULE_DOM_CREATED or DOM_OBJECTS_CREATED, but for me it sounds like you are looking for something that gets triggered everytime the dom gets updated not just once.