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current weather feels 185F!!!

  • i just installed magic mirror on the rpi2. loooks great except not sure why current weather shows 185F
    just to check, i went outside and it’re about 90F, not 185F!

    alt text

    any idea what went wrong? and how do i have current weather section colorized?

  • The Temperature says 81.2 F which is pretty good I guess 😉
    The other one 185F is the feels like temperature. It’s calculated from the normal temperature and the windspeed.

    var windchillinF = Math.round(35.74+0.6215*tempInF-35.75*Math.pow(windInMph,0.16)+0.4275*tempInF*Math.pow(windInMph,0.16));
    			var windChillInC = (windchillinF - 32) * (5/9);
    			// this.feelsLike = windChillInC.toFixed(0);
    			switch (this.config.units){
    			case "metric": this.feelsLike = windChillInC.toFixed(0);
    			case "imperial": this.feelsLike = windChillInF.toFixed(0);
    			case "default":
    				var tc = windChillInC - 273.15;
    				this.feelsLike = tc.toFixed(0);

    doing the calculation manually given the 81.2 degree and 5 Beaufort you should have a feel like of somewhat around 84 degree. You might want to check what the results in between are that you get to find the fault. However if you just want to see the actual temperature you can aswell just deativate this feels-like temperature

  • @maxbachmann
    thank you. i dont know why that day was special. now, feels like temp is back to “normal” without me doing anything special. if it goes crazy again, i will delete those code. thanks!

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    Most likely, the API was faulty. It happens. 😕

  • @Mykle1 but the feel Temperature gets calculated out of two of the numbers he showed on the screen (windspeed and real temperatur) when I pulled out my calculator to check it it was definetly below 100, so not quite sure what caused the error, but would surprise me if it was the API.

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    Ahh, I didn’t realize that the feels like temp was being calculated manually. I thought it was coming directly from the api. My bad.


  • Module Developer

    I think in currentweather at the line 464 instead of

    this.feelsLike = parseFloat(this.temperature).toFixed(0);

    should be

    this.feelsLike = parseFloat(data.main.feels_like).toFixed(0);

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