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  • Hi,
    what type of mirror(glass) do you use for your project?
    I was trying to buy a mirror and remove protection lair of paint on the back with chemicals. First time layers of silver and paint were too thin and I scratched them a lot … second time was opposite and layers were too tick. I have removed paint but silver layer is too thick so it is not transparent enough to see what screen shows. Next I am going to buy a simple glass and a mirror film from a car shop.
    Is it a right approach or I need to do something else?

    PS I live in Lithuania 🙂

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    You cannot use an ordinary mirror. You need 2-way mirror (sometimes called 1-way mirror). Do a search of this forum. There are plenty of suggestions for 2-way mirror glass.

    Waves from NYC

  • Here is a link to a comparison post I made a few days ago on the types we offer!

    We do ship worldwide - the acrylic two way has the cheapest shipping internationally.

    Even if you end up going with a different vendor, it is super valuable info to see the visual differences with the mirror types.

    Avoid the two way film if you can, it creates a funhouse effect and the reflection is dark/blurry in comparison.

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