Question about the mirror

  • Module Developer

    Whilst on a quest for a mirror my local glazier told me the mirrors are EXTREMELY prone to scratches… IS this true? Do any of you have experience with this? It came as rather a shock as these are ‘confrontation’ mirrors… It’s not unreasonable to expect violence against them when used as such…

  • Moderator

    Acrylic mirrors, sure. Glass mirrors, while you can still scratch them, they do last a lot longer than acrylic ones. ANY mirror is prone to scratches, it’s how you treat it that depends how long it lasts.

  • The reflective coating on the glass is a bit more prone to scratching as it can’t have a protective coating. But to be honoust: My 2 year old MagicMirror doesn’t have any scratches.

  • Moderator

    Like I mentioned, how you treat your mirror will depend on how long it lasts. Using abrasive cleaners is bad, but a clean, damp, micro fiber cloth goes a long way.

  • Module Developer

    It’s just the way they said it: (dutch alert) “6mm confrontatiespiegel, let op: ZEER KRASGEVOELIG” that startled me… It seemed that the simple act of cleaning it might scratch it…

    Averything’s done… just the mirror… 😃

    Thanks, i’ll take the plunge 🙂

  • It’s as if the glass shops don’t want to sell it. They gave me so many useless warnings when I bought mine … 😩

  • Moderator

    It’s a warning, sure. And perhaps their product is indeed easily scratched. Ask around, go a different place or vendor, see what kind of response you get.