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[Remote-Control] Shutdown, Configure and Update your MagicMirror

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    @Mr.Meeseeks Even though I did not make that properly clear, but that was my intention, behind asking you to make the pull request early, sorry about that. 😕 I can help with the merging, though, let me know.

    @Jopyth said in MMM-Remote-Control:

    @Mr.Meeseeks Also if you think you are at a stage where we can work together, feel free to make the pull request early, and I will have a look and see if I can help.

    Otherwise I will concentrate on other stuff, which you have not already implemented.

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    If anyone is interested in helping to test the next major (and future) versions of the module, I am searching for beta testers. Please note that the version may still contain bugs, and thus involves an (unlikely) risk of your Raspberry Pi explo… I mean you having to fix some stuff from the command line and your config.js by yourself.

  • Thanks so much for creating this module! I have just set up my first magic mirror and started poking around with it. I am going to use my install as a photoframe.

    I love the show / hide ability in your module especially being able to call it from other modules. When I get to playing around with voice control / face recognition I can see that this would be very useful.

    I do have a request for this module though, it would be great if we could also control the ‘dim level’ of other modules as well as hiding them. I am specifically thinking of the Random photo module, I would like to be able to dim the currently displayed photo so that the other modules can been seen.

    If you don’t oppose this added feature and could find the time to implement it I would very much appreciate it.

    Cheers from Vancouver, Canada!

  • @Jopyth would it be ok to add module specific functionality/backend only if that module was installed? Thoughts?

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    @Mr.Meeseeks What do you mean? Like offer alert sending in the menu only if an alert module is running? Are there any other things which depend on installed modules?

  • @Jopyth like support a backend/menu for say a gallery module, but only if it’s installed. It would be very beneficial but might add bloat and future compatibility issues. Alert is fine because it’s a default.

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    @Mr.Meeseeks Its installed by default, but not neccesarily in the config and on the mirror. 🙂

    That is something I also wanted, but I was not clear on the specification of it. My first draft.

    The actions must definitely be offered by the modules themselves.

  • Right, ya, or have yet another module directory inside remote to inject menu definitions node/remote/module code for module’s remote backend, like magic mirror… Damn getting complex, ha. But your right maybe for now needs to hide alert menu if not installed.

  • Hi Jopyth,

    First, thanks for a great module that I have a lot of benefit of. Super well done!

    However, I have an idea that I would inquire if you could possibly help with.

    It concerns that I have a Smart Home Controller (Zipato Tile) where it is possible to send http get / post / put / delete.

    At this sitting blah. Z-Wave PIR Sensor, which is in the same room as my Magic Mirror, which through rule in Zipato Tile could send http post to your module and for example, “Turn Monitor ON”

    Will this be possible? If so, how would the syntax look like? (I’m definitely not strong in coding javascript)

    I would think it must be something along the: http://[Magic Mirror IP]/remote?Action= MONITORON

    Or am I way off?

    Thanks in advance

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    @Manmachine action should be lowercase and dont forget to add the port specified in the config behind the ip

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