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Mirror and bright conditions

  • Hello all,
    Today I finished building my first MM (soon I will post pictures with description in the appropriate section). However, what I found is that in the bright conditions the content is not very well visible. Display settings are maximum brightness and maximum contrast. I have standard 23" ASUS computer display I bought for about 100€.

    My question is what do you think would be the best way to tackle it? I have a glass semi-transparent mirror. Unfortunately a glazier couldn’t tell me the parameters of glass (but at least it was cheap - 25€). What I see is the mirror is maximum 30% transparent and a bit brownish. Should I change a mirror glass to something different - maybe acrilic?

    If I change mirror to more transparent are there any drawbacks?

    Thank you for the suggestions.

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    You need a mirror with a higher lighttransmission. The drawback is that more of the monitors backlight will show when it gets darker in the room.

    30% is a really high number for lighttransmission (I have 3% and that is as you describe hard to see when in a light room). 12-20% will work well in normal lighting conditions.

  • Thank you for the answer. I tried to ask couple of glaziers about lighttransmission but none could tell me what percentage that is (I don’t know how to measure it). Have you bought your mirror at a normal glazier? I will try to find some company that can sell me 12-20% lighttransmission mirror.

    Monitor backlight is also something I was thinking that may be a problem.

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    @azrael yes, from a regular glass shop, Ask for manufacturer and product name, that way you can google the specs yourself. (Thats what I did)

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