• @jomwells @Sean
    I seem to have always had this problem where after a reboot I sometimes need to manually change the hardware number of my usb mic. I saw @jomwells wrote a fix by changing the .asoundrc file but for some reason my system always changes the asoundrc back after any changes I make.
    I wonder if you have any ideas of a fix for me?

  • Module Developer

    As far as I know, there be alias for device instead cardno. But not sure. I’m not familiar with these things.

  • Sorry @Sean I’m new in the MagicMirror environment and I do not know all the components.
    Where can I find information on what is needed and how to customize the “custom.css” file?
    What do you mean:

    Redefine CSS selector #ASSISTANT_YOUTUBE in css/custom.css.

    MagicMirror use the “custom.css” or “main.css”?