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  • @jomwells @Sean
    I seem to have always had this problem where after a reboot I sometimes need to manually change the hardware number of my usb mic. I saw @jomwells wrote a fix by changing the .asoundrc file but for some reason my system always changes the asoundrc back after any changes I make.
    I wonder if you have any ideas of a fix for me?

  • Module Developer

    As far as I know, there be alias for device instead cardno. But not sure. I’m not familiar with these things.

  • Sorry @Sean I’m new in the MagicMirror environment and I do not know all the components.
    Where can I find information on what is needed and how to customize the “custom.css” file?
    What do you mean:

    Redefine CSS selector #ASSISTANT_YOUTUBE in css/custom.css.

    MagicMirror use the “custom.css” or “main.css”?


  • Project Sponsor

    @egnos It uses both. Changes you make to custom.css will 1) be included in the mirror’s display and 2) persist if you update when new mirror code is released.

  • Module Developer

    There are 3 endpoints of CSS applied.

    • CSS of module itself(modules/SOMEMODULE/SOMEMODULE.css) : It is predefined CSS for module by it’s developer.
    • main magicmirror css (css/main.css) : This is common CSS for Mirror itself and basic default module CSS.
    • custom css (css/custom.css) : When you need to modify some CSS rules over SOMEMODULE.css and main.css, You can redefine or override that CSS rules here.

    By example;
    #ASSISTANT_YOUTUBE is defined in modules/MMM-AssistantMk2/MMM-AssistantMk2.js like this;


    When you want to modify some CSS rules - smaller size -, you can override those rules in your css/custom.css instead modify MMM-AssisntantMk2.js directly.

      width: 50%;
      top: 25%;
      left: 25%;

  • Module Developer

    Step-by-step guide about custom gaction to make a timer feature on wiki page.

  • @Sean : First of all, great Work from your side, my Assistant is working, but I have a question: Is it possible, that the answer box from google could stay a little bit longer onscreen? I also tried your custom.css customization, but it doesn’t work, changing it in MMM-AssistantMk2.css was successful, any suggestions?

    @Lowis : you wrote that your Radio is running, i was also successful, but are you also able to stop it with the voice command? My Mic reacts on saying the Hotword, but then nothing happens. Only a reboot stops the Radio

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @davido I think the option you are looking for regarding answer of assistant duration on screen is :
    “screenDuration”: 2000 // here for 2 seconds

    hope this helps


  • @sean hello mate

    i want to install google assistant on my rpi 3b+. i have connected a bluetooth speaker and was wondering if it would work? i have tried in the past with my rpi2b but couldnt just install assistant.

    also is there a ste[ by step guide on how to install assistant?

    many thanks god bless.

  • Module Developer

    @bachoo786 bt speaker will work. Personally I recommend.
    And for instructions, read the github documents. And leave issues what trouble tou have. I’ll support.

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