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  • Hey there,

    I’m currently setting up a Dashboard to run on a E-Ink display instead of a Mirror. Actually it’s a Tolino E-Book reader that comes with a Web-Browser.
    Using the Browser I can connect to the Server-less Dashboard. I’m wondering if it is possible to run something like a “production build” with MagicMirror that outputs simple JS/HTML/CSS so that no backend is needed. Since the backend is written in JS and running on Node it should at least in theory be possible to run it all directly in the Browser?

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  • I tried it with browserify btw, not working for me.

  • Module Developer

    @werthdavid Theoretically, it could, but MM is really more than that. I think some of the default modules can be implemented serverlessly. Maybe Clock is one of them. but other modules need more functions than the browser can provide. And that is the why node_helper.js exists.

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    @werthdavid - You might be able to run a web page that is very similar in appearance to the Magic Mirror framework. The clock, compliments, the iFrame module would be likely candidates for a browser-only mirror. Basically anything without a node_helper.js would be a good place to start.

  • Okay thanks for the answers. I will probably run the serveronly-version on my vServer then.

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