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LG FLatron 2242PE check signal cable PIR Sensor

  • I had a small “problem”, i got the PIR motion sensor to work, when there is no motion the signal to the monitor gets closed. However when this happens my monitor shows the message: Check signal cable. Is there a way to turn this off or is there a work-around?

  • Monitor should get to sleep if there is no signal … this should be configurable somewhere in monitor menu / configuration (try buttons on monitor to set it up)

  • Module Developer

    I had a similar problem with my LG Monitor and PIR-Sensor.
    In my case i had the following behavior:

    • Using HDMI Connection: switching off was possible, wake up not
    • Using VGA Connection (with HDMI->VGA adapter on RPI side): switching off an wake up was possible

    Details see post.

    No worry using HDMI->VGA adapter: VGA can also deliver FullHD Resolution.

    Maybe your problem could be solved with an adapter.


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