[MMM-Netatmo-Presence] - Display liveview and events for Netatmo cameras

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    I just finished my module to display the live view and last events of Netatmo Presence Cameras.
    Some part of this module (Live view) may also work for Netatmo Welcome Cameras.

    Please test it and let me know if any issues or improvment idea ! 🙂


    Main functionnalities :

    • Display Live snapshot of one or several cameras - This behavior should work also for “Netatmo Welcome” cameras, but not tested
    • Display the events recorded by all the cameras as timeline, with the type of event (animal, human, vehicle or movement). It is possible to filter the event type and to choose the number of events to be displayed. This will for sure not work for Welcome cameras.
    • Use the official sample code from Netatmo to connect to the API, so with https and no complex token to catch !
    • Several instances possible (one to display live snapshot, another to display events of type “vehicle”, another with all last 5 events, …)
    • Network data and RPI load friendly :
      • The API token is requested only when expired or once at start-up (also for several instances)
      • If a PIR-sensor using MMM-PIR-Sensor module is used, the auto-update will stop during screen off (this behavior works also with all other module that send the notification “USER_PRESENCE”).
      • If all instances of MMM-Netatmo-Presence module are hidden (by REMOTE-CONTROL or any Carousel module for example), the auto-update will also stop.
        As soon as a MMM-Netatmo-Presence module will be again displayed on the screen or screen switch on, an update will be requested.
    • Possibility to display the date and time of the last update request (configurable)
    • CSS file and many display configuration possibilities


    3 instances running, 2 to display live snapshot and 1 with Event timeline :
    0_1533157971593_3 instances.png
    Event timeline with the last event on both full image and detail of the movement detected :
    0_1533157993806_Events color icon.png
    2 liveview on the same instance :
    0_1533158012694_2 lives in 1 instance.png


    Version 0.0.1

    • First release - 01/08/2018