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My IKEA Ribba based 50x50 Mirror

  • Hi Guys,

    i nearly finished my mirror.

    Shopping List:
    Frame 10€?
    Mirror 100€
    RaspberryPi 2
    Wireless Stick 5€
    Display Controller and powersupply from ebay ~30€
    Display 1280x800 from old notebook 0€
    Step Down Regulator from ebay 2€
    PIR Sensor from ebay 2€
    50cm HDMI cable 3€
    some little stuff ~5€

    I build this mirror on a CLAA154WB05AN display out of a Sony VAIO VGN-FZ31J notebook. Unfortunately it’s a glare display, which is not the brightest, but its working so far. For powering the raspberry i used a step down regulator, which is regulating the 12v input power from the display powersupply to 5v for the rasp.

    For the controller switches i drilled some holes in to the frame and extended the switches with m4 plastic screws to reach out of the frame.

    Some pics:


  • looks great 🙂 can you please tell me how thick is your mirror ?
    And also the frame itself on ikea page i found it’s 4,5cm but after you put there glass how much real space left ?

  • Hi,

    the glas is 4mm.

    Inside of the ribba frame is a kind of a subframe, which you can see on the seconds picture.

    I removed the subframe, inserted the glas and readded the subframe. Glas + Subframe then have the same height as the preinstalled metal clips to fix the backpanel.

  • Thank you 🙂 i mean depth of the frame after mirror is installed
    I want to know if everything from my setup will have enough space

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