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Problems using MMM-WunderGround24hours

  • Hi there,

    switched on my MagicMirror after a couple of months.

    I am wondering why the module MMM-WunderGround24hours is not running anymore. It does not show any temperatur or other values:

                            module: 'MMM-WunderGround24Hours',
                            position: 'top_right',
                            config: {
                                    appid: 'secret',
                                    location: 'pws:INIEDERS657',

    All other modules are working… I just updated to the newest version of MagicMirror since 04/2018.

  • Make sure your location ID still exists. I had to change mine a couple of times since January this year.

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    Also, not all WunderGround api keys still work. The newer it is the less likely it’s still a valid key.

  • But, the pws still exists and the key, too…
    Is there any problem with incompatibility with the newest version of mm?

  • @blebbens Does the problem still exist? I just tried with the lastest version of MM & the module (which I’m also the developer of) and also configured your PWS and it worked just fine on my mirror.

    If it does not work, could you please open the MM on your web browser and report the JavaScript error message you get there (e.g. follow to find the error message)?

  • Hi all,

    when weatherunderground changed the service I had to switch my public station too.
    My api key is still working and everything seems to be fine. But every 1 or 2 days the module freezes: the time is not updating anymore an the temperature stays as it is. If I refresh the mirror everthing is fine again.

    Does this issue has to do with weatherunderground? I dont know were to find further information about the error.

    One more question: Maybe some of you have got a netatmo weather station at home - like I have. For a long time netatmo and weatherunderground have been partners. The station data was part of weatherunderground. Then netatmo switched to its own weathermap.
    Did somebody tried to grab the data

    1. from netatmos weathermap?
    2. directly by wifi without using a the netatmo weathermap online?

    I am just wondering: if netatmo and weatherunground have been partners the type of data and json etc must be pretty similar. But I am a noob in programming:-)


  • Please note this module was migrated to use the Dark Sky API and is now available as “MMM-DarkSky24Hours” under Thanks!

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