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'Smart Mirror" in Toronto (or Canada?)

  • Hi All,

    I am looking for of course what I have been told is the best type of mirror for this project:

    Anyone know where to get this in Toronto or Canada in general? The shipping alone from Toledo is insane, otherwise I would do it.

    If not does anyone who made a mirror have a place that does good quality similar type mirror to the one above? Looking for real glass here.

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    @Officeglen Usually a local glacier can be a good and (possibly) much cheaper option, just ask specifically what the reflection/passthrough ratio is. To me, all these “features” sound quite normal for a high quality mirror. But I might be wrong.

  • @Officeglen

    I also requested a quote from this company and I too live in Toronto. If you find a good alternative please let me know, otherwise maybe you would be open to placing an order together and splitting the shipping? I live in Aurora but work in Toronto.

  • Just moved from Toronto back to the east coast (Nova Scotia). I’ve built mine from a piece of 2 way glass from a local glass place but was intriqued by this type of glass as well. And of course I wanna build a bigger one from a 32" tv instead of a 24" monitor. I think the glass was $250 and another $250 to ship so shipping killed that dream. Be nice to find a source in Canada…or try Gila film on a thin piece of glass or plastic.

  • I live in Calgary, AB so I had a similar problem. The local stores were charging $200+ for what I wanted. I ended up going here:
    and got that for almost half the price. Works really well and the room my mirror is in isn’t that well lit which makes it more impressive.

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