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Using regular mirror glass to make a Magic mirror

  • Hi guys,

    I have an Ikea Mirror that meassures 70cm x 260cm. For obvious reasons it is to expensive to turn the whole thing into a 2 way mirror. So my question is has anyone tried removing the back paint on a regular mirror in just one corner and then replacing it with 2 way film ?

    My concerns are that the transition from the regular mirror over to the film covered part will show from the front. Has anyone tried this?

    All idéas are appriciated 🙂

    Sorry for my english.

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    Removing the paint off the back of a mirror gives you straight glass. So, it would be the same as putting film on regular glass.

  • I’ve been researching this for the past two weeks and it seems like removing the paint will not give you just plain glass.

    It will expose the silvering needed to create a normal mirror , and removing the back paint and primer will give you an inexpensive two way mirror.

    If you search “DIY antique mirror” , the first step is to remove the back paint & primer which turns it into a two mirror. I just can’t find much literature on it other than a very brief mention that the paint is only there to stop it from being a two way mirror. No details of transparency or reflection properties once the paint is removed.

    Still hard to believe I can’t find much more than a brief mention like in the following:

    this is frustrating as the answer feels like it’s to be at the “tip of my tongue”.

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    My two cent opinion:

    I think it would be extremely difficult to remove the back paint and primer without damaging the silvering (mirror coating). However, I do wish you the best of luck and please keep us updated. Pictures would be great too.

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