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Loading compliments from external file

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    My mirror project is destined to be a gift for a friend and as part of the configuration for it, my wife and her friends are writing a metric buttload (100+) of compliments. I’m going to have to load those compliments into the compliment module. Which is fine, but I am concerned that if I screw up even one of those compliments, the config.js file will not be a valid file and the MagicMirror interface will not display properly.

    My solution, thanks in no small part to @strawberry-3-141 expert assistance, is to put the compliment arrays into a separate JSON file and load that file as an optional parameter fileName. I have the code ready and it has passed my alpha testing. The fileName parameter is optional and this is an extension of the existing core modules.

    I’d like to add this feature to the core MagicMirror project. Is this a valuable feature? How do I go about contributing a minor change to the core?

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    Submit a PR request on the Github page. Do it against the ‘develop’ branch please.

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    Done. Thanks.

  • Nice, I was looking for that feature - thanks for your work bhelper. Good idea! Actually I try to change the color as well, but I wasn’t successfull so far.

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