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  • I did not really have much time for my smart mirror project the last months. Finally had time to finish my german offline voice recognition module that let´s you hide, show and move modules on the Smart Mirror.
    I hope I find the time to update/finish the documentation and clean up the code this weekend 😉
    The general function is pretty similar to @Mykle1 Hello Lucy. However I added the function to move the modules to differents positions on the screen and it is no longer required to add the hide/show code to each module you want to hide/show 🙂
    Since I will add more modules using the speech recognition snips I splitted the module into two parts: One that handles the voice stuff that will be required for all modules and one that includes the implementation for the hide/show/move actions. In addition this module requires the offline voice recognition snips. A explanation on how to set the whole module and snips up will be added soon.
    Here is a demo of the module:
    German Voice Recognition Magic Mirror 2

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    @captnstech said in MMM-SnipsHideShow:

    German Voice Recognition Magic Mirror 2

    This video never completes loading, at least for me. 😞

  • damn fuck this youtube alternative lmao (did you try with different resolutions? Because for me it works perfectly fine)
    Well guess I will upload it to youtube aswell

  • oh just tested again and your right seems like it currently does not work 😠
    @Mykle1 updated the link to youtube

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    Thanks, the video is working now. Well done, mate. 🙂