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Monitor saying 'No Signal'

  • Ok gents a bit of a ramble here.

    The other night I finished everything I wanted module wise so i was going to start on hardware (i.e taking monitor out of frame etc) After I took the monitor out of the frame and plugged it in to my Pi I noticed the screen was saying ‘no signal.’ I started to panic as the control for the monitor popped out of the socket so I was worried I just pissed a $150 monitor down the drain. I decide to try my PC monitor and lo and behold I get the same thing… I plug in my future MagicMirror Monitor to my PC and guess what… It works like a charm.
    This obviously means something else is wrong…I am literally not at all a computer guy. I took my SD card out and plugged into my computer and I see all the files so that means that is not corrupted/dead right? So it must be the R Pi3 itself? The Pi lights up when I put power to it and everyhting…I tried using both the DVI and HDMI port on the R Pi3

    Help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Module Developer

    You’ve probably already checked it, but be sure the SD card really is inserted in the Pi. It happened to me a couple of times…

  • Project Sponsor

    When the Pi is plugged in, can you SSH to it?

  • @bhepler I dont think i set that up when i installed everything because I didnt think I would ever use that…

  • Module Developer

    Maybe I remember wrong, but I think SSH is turned on as default when you set up the RPi (Jessey)…?

  • @Cato

    I will look into this thanks

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