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Auto populate events from MyCalendar to MyCommute?

  • Hi,

    I’m playing around with a dashboard style setup. I’m using MyCalendar and MyCommute (both great modules - thanks J.E.F.F.) and trying to work out how to use MyCalendar’s event broadcast feature to send that information to MyCommute so it can automattically add new ‘commute events’ so I don’t have to go into config.js for one-off events.


    Is this possible to do?

    Thanks in advance.


  • You have a Google Free API?

  • Module Developer

    That’s a great idea. I’d roughly propose the following workflow:

    • MyCalendar sends a notification with an array of events with defined addresses in the payload
    • My Commute displays next 1/2/3 events (configurable)
    • in the config you should be able to configure which travel modes you want to have displayed (transport, driving, walking,…). Maybe even with thresholds (walking 1km, 8km, …)

  • @groops

    A ‘Google Free API’?

    You mean a free API from Google?

    Then, yes.

  • So it seems that this already exists with this module. Forum thread here.

    However I can’t get it to work. Have configured everything correctly. Have MMM-Notifications showing my calendar is broadcasting events and tested with a couple different ‘trip keys’.

    Anyone else get it working?

    Edit - TrafficCal also seems to break the calendar modules (both default calendar and MMM-MyCalendar).

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