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Magic Mirror Radar using MMM-EyeCandy (US only)

  • Re: Weather Radar for certain location

    I used this for Radar, and it works very well.

    I am sure there are other national and world options for Radar images and such out there.

    (Iframe didn’t work out the box like I wanted).

    			disabled: false,
    			module: "MMM-EyeCandy",
    			position: "upper_third",
    			config: {
    				maxWidth: "105%",       // Sizes the images. Retains aspect ratio.
    				style: '1',            // 1 - 52 or use ownImagePath to override style
    				ownImagePath: '',
    				updateInterval: 15 * 60 * 1000, // How often module updates
    		            	animationSpeed: 3000, // transition speed at update time

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    MMM-EyeCandy. I like this module. 👍

  • Module Developer


    Thanks for this option, been looking for a way to get radar shown on the Mirror.

    Question, on the website you are pulling this from, there is an option to zoom in for a closer look at certain areas of the country. Like the midwest, I can zoom in on Missouri and get what I would rather have instead of the whole country which makes it slightly difficult to see my area (unless I have it set to fullscreen, but even then, I would love to be able to focus it on a smaller area)

    I tried adding cursor: zoom-in; but it doesn’t work. the magnifying glass shows, but when clicked, it does nothing.

    Any Ideas? Anyone?