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Why keeps MM2 starting even when I've pressed ctrl+Q?

  • I just have installed MM2 and I would like to make changes now to the setup of MM2 but when I press Alt and close the MM2 (or use Ctrl+Q) after a few seconds MM2 is up and running agian!!
    How can I stop this? I would like to have MM2 to start after the Pi has booted or after I started it from the commanline. Not on it’s own!

  • @mwel1977 I use an ssh session from my Windows box and kill the npm start process. Actually a little script kills all node related tasks

  • @sdetweil: I’m just starting with a raspberry pi (well… I have Domoticz running on a Pi zero W to check my plants) so I have no idea how to make/write a script like that.
    But I just rebooted my pi and MM2 didn’t start. So I can make changes to the setting now and start MM2 via the commandline.

  • Module Developer

    @mwel1977 The reason seems to be pm2. You seem to have that installed. It runs a script always restarting MagicMirror after you close it.
    To close MagicMirror properly if you have pm2 running do a

    pm2 stop mm

    or however your process was called. You can find the name of the process running

    pm2 status

    Other useful commands

    pm2 restart mm
    pm2 start //Name of the shell file that has been created by YOU!

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