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Can't find out what I did wrong in my config.js...

  • First of all why are all online JavaScript linters completely useless for our config.js file? 🤔

    They all report completely no sense mistakes while the REAL error might be located in somewhere else line.

    Now back in topic I might have edited/canceled something that has screwed up the file by ending with the CONFIG.JS screen when launching MM. 😓

    Can someone please help me finding the mistake?

  • Perhaps this is a start, provided I copy/pasted it right ?
    Although I think you are familiar with this and used other linters to find the ‘mistake’.

    pi@MagicPi:~/MagicMirror $ cd ~/MagicMirror; npm run config:check
    Checking file...  /home/pi/MagicMirror/config/config.js
    Line 213 col 42 Missing semicolon.
    Line 218 col 18 Missing semicolon.
    Line 222 col 5 Expected '}' to match '{' from line 190 and instead saw '{'.
    Line 223 col 7 Expected ']' to match '[' from line 28 and instead saw 'module'.
    Line 223 col 13 Expected '}' to match '{' from line 11 and instead saw ':'.
    Line 223 col 14 Missing semicolon.
    Line 224 col 7 Expected an assignment or function call and instead saw an expression.
    Line 224 col 15 Missing semicolon.
    Line 224 col 7 Unrecoverable syntax error. (94% scanned).

    I think you missed a } around line 220.

    The “Missing semicolon” messages normally are just nitpicking, but the "Expected ‘}’ to match ‘{’ " are usually true.

  • @evroom thanks for the help I give it immediately a look. 🙂

    Also didn’t know that terminal command.

  • @evroom found out the mistake thanks to your suggestion:

    I missed to add an additional close curly bracket after line 213!

  • Glad to help.
    So many errors after only one mistake (the most common to make; we all did it sometime I guess) 🙂

  • @evroom lol indeed! 😁

  • Module Developer

    Wait, you can audit the config file right from NPM?


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