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Calendar show wrong time.

  • My mirror show me a wrong time. Because when I set an example Dentist 9:00. The mirror shows me Dentist 00:00. I don’t know what the problem is. So i need help because it’s so disturbing when I wake up and don’t se my dentist time. This i how it look for me.

  • Module Developer

    If you’re referring to the 0:00 that is shown in the picture, that MAY be the end time.
    Can you please go into the config.js and set

    timeFormat: 'absolute'

    It should then show the swedish version of:
    “22.11. 9:00”

    I think with a relative timeFormat, the end dates (that seem to be shown here) don’t really make much sense and are misleading here.
    You can switch them off using

    showEnd: false

    However, this needs to be addressed somehow in further releases.

  • @lavolp3 said in Calendar show wrong time.:


    I had test and see it doesn’t work that you said. The mirror is show me pm or am time instead for show me an exampel 16:00. That I want it’s the calendar not the time. What I do now?