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Bathroom Magic Mirror

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    @bachoo786: You are right, it is important that no stray light falls on the spy mirror from behind. But the back plane does that very well. If the silicone is in the groove all the way around, the image from the MagicMirror screen is without any interference.

    The groove was milled with a milling table in two steps. First the deep groove was milled on the outside of the frame. Then the second groove was milled on the side of the frame facing the inside.

    The size of the frame naturally depends on how large the mirror is to be at the end. My mirror is about 1 meter by 1/2 meter.

    Shipping to UK should cost about 25 EUR (see

  • @spitzlbergerj thank you.

    So how much would you charge me for the frame and shipping altogether?

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    Good morning @bachoo786,

    I’m working on a furniture project for my wife. It’s gonna keep me busy for the next four or five weekends. After that, in the middle or end of February, I can take care of your frame.

    With all the cut-outs, holes, millings from my frame as well as the grinding work and the safe packing I will work on the frame with my machines for about one weekend. For this I would like to charge you 60 EUR.

    The wood incl. angles and flat dowels will cost about 15 EUR.

    All in all that will be 60 + 15 + 25 EUR = 100 EUR.

    Maybe you can find a private woodworker near you via the relevant internet forums. Or a carpenter in your area. The CAD plan of my frame I have made available. Everybody should be able to rebuild it.


  • Very nice design and crafts!!! I’ve just built my two first mirrors and i’m now also planning a bath mirror 🙂
    Thanks for sharing all detaild pictures as a guidance!

  • I was think about, maybe build something similar, and got an idea.

    Do u think a rpi move sensor can see through the glas?
    Think if u have an eye behind the screen, and when it’s noticed movement the MM will show up on the screen.

    I don’t own any senor to try it

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    I’ve tried that with a PIR motion sensor, and really doesn’t work very well. So I’ve finally decided to put it outside mirror.

    Anyway, you can try it by yourself.
    Hope it helps.

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    Hi, I’ve tried several options:

    • Motion detector in the mounting arm of the lamp
    • Radar sensor behind the glass
    • Radar sensor inside near the frame
    • Radar sensor outside on the lower frame

    Actually, only the latter works well. And that’s how it’s stayed now. The foil of the mirror shields just about everything. Actually the motion detector in the lamp arm should do the job. But apparently it is also shielded by the aluminium so that it didn’t work.

    So not yet an optimal solution …

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    @otto I put a microwave sensor behind the Glas and it works reliably. You can find my tutorial if you follow the link in my signature.

  • Hallo Josef,

    how happy are you with the chrome spy mirror glas? is the reflected image brigth enough or is it too dark to operate as the main bathroom mirror? Any comments from the wife?;) I’m about to order the same from glas star.

    Beste Grüsse,

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    Hi, Mat,

    my wife and I are very happy with our mirror and we would both not want to miss it anymore. The mirror is a little darker than a normal mirror. But it is perfectly adequate as a bathroom mirror. My wife has never complained about the (missing) brightness. And I myself am also very satisfied.
    But before I bought the mirror, I had built a “sample mirror” for my wife from the sample glasses that you can get from the supplier. At that time the direct comparison was possible and the conversion was officially “approved”. 🙂