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how and where should I use the hide&show function offered by MM?

  • I tried to hide all other modules except the current module, but it seems does not work. I put my codes to hide other modules inside the start function of the current module.

             function shutOtherModule(){
    //not important functions

    Could anyone help me with a sample module to hide other modules? Are there any place to learn about the inner structure of inter-modules communication except the doc?

  • codes&question updated

                    function shutOtherModule(){

    When I put the above codes in start function, the module never hides other modules.
    When I put the above codes in notificationReceived function and let MagicMirror do the codes after receiving “DOM_OBJECT_CREATED” notification, It seems that the module shuts down all modules including itself, leaving me with a blank mirror.

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    @grasshopper001 join me for a bit in discord and we will solve your problem

  • It seems that MM is not available?
    I tried to write shutOtherModule function in node-helper, and MagicMirror told me that

    ReferenceError: MM is not defined

    How could I get access to MM object? Why my MagicMirror responded me with a blank mirror when the function is called after receiving “DOM_OBJECT_CREATED” notification?

  • Finally I deleted the node helper, it seems that MM functions does not work in node helper functions.
    But the setTimeout function in notificationReceived function still does not work with “DOM_OBJECT_CREATED”.

  • turn on the developers console with Ctrl-Shift=i, or npm start dev, then you can use the console and sources tabs to see errors in the module.js and also put stops on code and look at the variables

    as u found, the MM variable is only available in the module.js

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    I use MMM-ModuleScheduler to show or hide modules. It works very simple out of the box.