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[MMM-Dreambox] to connect a Dreambox or a Enigma2 Receiver (like VU or VU+) to MagicMirror and stream stations via omxplayer

  • @axled said in [MMM-Dreambox] to connect a Dreambox or a Enigma2 Receiver (like VU or VU+) to MagicMirror and stream stations via omxplayer:

    I dont know if it makes sense, to use a favorite list of services/stations/channels that wont fit on the screen of MM, as the list is to long.

    Start streaming can be done by selecting one service/station/channel (by using yourmmip:8080/remote?action=NOTIFICATION¬ification=DB-SERVICE-NEXT for example) and than start streaming by (yourmmip:8080/remote?action=NOTIFICATION¬ification=DB-PLAY).

    Do you have MMM-Remote-Control installed?
    Se my previous answer to evroom.


    WHERE do I have to enter these commands?

    In a RPI terminal window?
    In my ie. Windows 10 Internet browser address box?

  • Module Developer

    As you have MMM-Remote-Control installed you can test MMM-Dreambox with MMM-Remote-Control first, to make sure it works at all. (Requirement: Your mirror is reachable by browser in the same network). Open browser and enter (without the spaces around &):

    • http://yourmmip:8080/remote?action=NOTIFICATION & notification=DB-SERVICE-NEXT (for selecting next service)

    • http://yourmmip:8080/remote?action=NOTIFICATION & notification=DB-SERVICE-PREV (for selecting prev.service)

    • http://yourmmip:8080/remote?action=NOTIFICATION & notification=DB-PLAY (for start streaming)

    • http://yourmmip:8080/remote?action=NOTIFICATION & notification=DB-STOP (for stop streaming)

    Hint: HD Services need MPG License so maybe start with SD services.

    You can also try the dev branch, as this is the newer one with more functions.


  • @axled thanks got the remote module working, but then when I send the commands (succesfully confirmed by the web page) I see no streaming going on in MM.

    By the way I choosed to install the dev branch of your module.

  • Module Developer

    Can you show me the MMM-Dreambox Part of your config and some logs?

    Playing does not work, is selecting DB-SERVICE-NEXT (PREV) working?


  • @axled this is the config part:

    			module: 'MMM-Dreambox',
    			header: 'Vu+ Duo²',
    			position: 'bottom_left',
    			disabled: false,
    			config: {
    				apiBase: 'http://*.*.*.*:****',
    				omxargs: ' --win 320,180,1600,900  -o both ',
    				refreshInterval: 1000 * 30, //refresh every 30 seconds
    				apiabout: '/web/about',
    				apiservices: '/web/getallservices',
    				apiepgnow: '/web/epgnow?',
    				apizap: '/web/zap?sRef=',
    				apiTimerlist: '/web/timerlist',
    				apiServicelistplayable: '/web/servicelistplayable?'

    I wanted then to paste here the logs and what was happening when sendings commands, but all I get now is

    status	"error"
    reason	"unknown_command"
    info	"original input: {\"action\":\"NOTIFICATION \",\" notification\":\"DB-PLAY\"}"

    I feel like I am missing something? 😅

    This is btw the MMM-Remote-Control config part:

    			module: 'MMM-Remote-Control',
    			// uncomment the following line to show the URL of the remote control on the mirror
    			position: 'bottom_left'
    			// you can hide this module afterwards from the remote control itself

  • Module Developer


    it is not easy to give support, with this less informations.
    As you send me .xml files some days ago, i saw some minor errors in your config.js

    1. apibouquet and listmax is missing, so module use defaults (apibouquet: 0, listmax: 15)
    2. apiepgnow and apiServicelistplayable are wrong, to match to your receiver/xml file you send me the should look as follows:
    • apiepgnow: ‘/web/epgnow?’,
    • apiServicelistplayable: ‘/web/servicelistplayable?’,

    Can you please also answer my question:
    Playing does not work, is selecting DB-SERVICE-NEXT (PREV) working?

    To help you further i need some screenshots of the module on your mirror and some logs (pm2 or from the browser by using F12).


  • @axled sorry for the late reply. 😅

    I’ve installed your module from scratch and now every MMM-Remote-Control command (but streaming) is working.

    Honestly I can’t understand what is wrong because before going to use my decoder with your module all Dreambox-like applications worked like a charm.

    What if it depends on using a different WebIf port (I am not using the default 80/8080 port)?
    And even if why not?
    So far every Android Dreambox app (ie. DreamDroid) or Windows channel editor program for Dreambox that I’ve used worked perfectly.

  • Module Developer

    Some ideas:
    Start streaming takes up to 15 seconds, did you wait long enough?
    Are you streaming SD or HD channels? HD needs mpg license.
    Is the play symbol (triangle) shown after sending the command DB-PLAY?


  • @evroom can you please let me chat with you?

    Need to ask you something about this module. 🙂

  • @cr4z33

    @evroom can you please let me chat with you?

    Need to ask you something about this module. 🙂

    Yes, you can chat with me.