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[MMM-Dreambox] to connect a Dreambox or a Enigma2 Receiver (like VU or VU+) to MagicMirror and stream stations via omxplayer

  • @axled said in [MMM-Dreambox] to connect a Dreambox or a Enigma2 Receiver (like VU or VU+) to MagicMirror and stream stations via omxplayer:

    I dont know if it makes sense, to use a favorite list of services/stations/channels that wont fit on the screen of MM, as the list is to long.

    Start streaming can be done by selecting one service/station/channel (by using yourmmip:8080/remote?action=NOTIFICATION¬ification=DB-SERVICE-NEXT for example) and than start streaming by (yourmmip:8080/remote?action=NOTIFICATION¬ification=DB-PLAY).

    Do you have MMM-Remote-Control installed?
    Se my previous answer to evroom.


    WHERE do I have to enter these commands?

    In a RPI terminal window?
    In my ie. Windows 10 Internet browser address box?

  • Module Developer

    As you have MMM-Remote-Control installed you can test MMM-Dreambox with MMM-Remote-Control first, to make sure it works at all. (Requirement: Your mirror is reachable by browser in the same network). Open browser and enter (without the spaces around &):

    • http://yourmmip:8080/remote?action=NOTIFICATION & notification=DB-SERVICE-NEXT (for selecting next service)

    • http://yourmmip:8080/remote?action=NOTIFICATION & notification=DB-SERVICE-PREV (for selecting prev.service)

    • http://yourmmip:8080/remote?action=NOTIFICATION & notification=DB-PLAY (for start streaming)

    • http://yourmmip:8080/remote?action=NOTIFICATION & notification=DB-STOP (for stop streaming)

    Hint: HD Services need MPG License so maybe start with SD services.

    You can also try the dev branch, as this is the newer one with more functions.


  • @axled thanks got the remote module working, but then when I send the commands (succesfully confirmed by the web page) I see no streaming going on in MM.

    By the way I choosed to install the dev branch of your module.

  • Module Developer

    Can you show me the MMM-Dreambox Part of your config and some logs?

    Playing does not work, is selecting DB-SERVICE-NEXT (PREV) working?


  • @axled this is the config part:

    			module: 'MMM-Dreambox',
    			header: 'Vu+ Duo²',
    			position: 'bottom_left',
    			disabled: false,
    			config: {
    				apiBase: 'http://*.*.*.*:****',
    				omxargs: ' --win 320,180,1600,900  -o both ',
    				refreshInterval: 1000 * 30, //refresh every 30 seconds
    				apiabout: '/web/about',
    				apiservices: '/web/getallservices',
    				apiepgnow: '/web/epgnow?',
    				apizap: '/web/zap?sRef=',
    				apiTimerlist: '/web/timerlist',
    				apiServicelistplayable: '/web/servicelistplayable?'

    I wanted then to paste here the logs and what was happening when sendings commands, but all I get now is

    status	"error"
    reason	"unknown_command"
    info	"original input: {\"action\":\"NOTIFICATION \",\" notification\":\"DB-PLAY\"}"

    I feel like I am missing something? 😅

    This is btw the MMM-Remote-Control config part:

    			module: 'MMM-Remote-Control',
    			// uncomment the following line to show the URL of the remote control on the mirror
    			position: 'bottom_left'
    			// you can hide this module afterwards from the remote control itself

  • Module Developer


    it is not easy to give support, with this less informations.
    As you send me .xml files some days ago, i saw some minor errors in your config.js

    1. apibouquet and listmax is missing, so module use defaults (apibouquet: 0, listmax: 15)
    2. apiepgnow and apiServicelistplayable are wrong, to match to your receiver/xml file you send me the should look as follows:
    • apiepgnow: ‘/web/epgnow?’,
    • apiServicelistplayable: ‘/web/servicelistplayable?’,

    Can you please also answer my question:
    Playing does not work, is selecting DB-SERVICE-NEXT (PREV) working?

    To help you further i need some screenshots of the module on your mirror and some logs (pm2 or from the browser by using F12).