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My mirror!

  • Hey all this is my mirror! This has been a fun project for me and has taken me a great while to finish it in between moving and Christmas! I’d definitely would like to incorporate more modules especially the mirror mirror module but could not figure out how to get Alexa installed. My dad has been a huge help with the frame with all his wood cutting tools and everything! This is a belated Christmas gift to my girlfriend and am super stoked to finally show it to her! I do wish it was a bit brighter I have tried all configurations on the monitors display and have found the best what’s in the picture. Brightness:100 and contrast:100

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    @tbs86 - Good looking mirror! The miters on the facing frame are really tight. Your dad knows what he’s doing.

    If you can, take pictures of your girlfriend’s reaction. That would be fun to see.

    If you’re having trouble, drop a message in the troubleshooting section of the board. We’ll get you fixed up.

  • That frame is mint! Putting my mtires to shame, hahahahaha. Well done, man.

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