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iFrame module ip camera

  • Trying to use MMM-iFrame-Ping module to show the videostream from my out door ip camera.
    i add to my config.js :

    module: 'MMM-iFrame-Ping',
    		position: 'middle_center',	// This can be any of the regions.
    		config: {
    			// See 'Configuration options' for more information.
    			url: "http://admin:xxxxxxxxx@ipcamera_address:port/videostream.cgi",
    			autoRefresh: false, //set to false for video
    			scrolling: "no", 

    and i always get “NOK PING” and no video.
    What am i doing wrong?I tryied an alternative ip format that it is working fine to my openhab/habpanel frame widget :


    but no luck also…using both urls at chrome or vlc i get videostream.

  • in config file change the lines:
    address: "localhost", to address: "", and ipWhitelist: ["", "::ffff:", "::1"], to ipWhitelist: [],
    then try…if not then stream it with other MMM-iFrame module…I’ve just tried to stream my mobile camera capture using IP webcam it’s not working in MMM-iFrame-ping module but in MMM-iFrame it’s super awesome 🙌

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    You may wish to look at MMM-RTSPStream.

  • thnx guys for ur answers, i managed to view my cam with MMM-iFrame,My problem is that the frame is too big.My cam is 640x480 and i want a smaller iframe for example 320x280.If i change the iFrame to that heigth and width i loose the half of my ip cam view.Is there a way to make all the frame smaller without decreasing the actual camera’s resolution?

  • @costascontis please tell me how you did it with the MMM-iFrame module.
    would you have me an example config ??
    Please help me thank you

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