[MMM-RTSPStream] - Video Streaming from Live Feeds & Security Cameras

  • Description

    This module will show a live RTSP video stream and/or periodic snapshots on the Magic Mirror from any IP Security Camera which supports the RTSP protocol and/or can serve a snapshot periodically.


    • Supports single or multiple camera streams/snapshots
    • For multiple streams: supports rotating through streams in a single window or displaying multiple windows (with customizeable layout)
    • Supports fetching snapshots from a file or url when not actively streaming
    • Flexible configurations to limit resource use on Raspberry Pi –
      • Stops all streams when module is hidden
      • Option for AutoPlay or manual starting of stream
      • Plays one or all streams (when displaying multiple)
      • ffmpeg process only started when active stream window is shown and customizeable delay for shutdown after stopping.
      • Note: 3 simultaneous streams on a RaspberryPi 3 is about the limit for usability.
    • Support for MMM-KeyBindings module for Play/Pause Remote Control and navigation of multiple streams



    Version 1.0.0

    • Initial Release – Please submit bugs and issues via GitHub Issues

  • @shbatm Thanks a lot for this module! Everything works fine but I have a time difference from 8 seconds between “live” and the video feed. Is there anyway to fix this?

  • Unfortunately, at the moment I don’t have an answer for how to decrease the lag time, but I’m still trying to find better ways to process the feed to the front end. My delay is only 3-4 seconds and has a lot to do with the hardware you’re using to process the stream.

  • @Niggich - There is something I found that you can try. Please let me know if this tweak helps and I’ll roll it into the module.

    For any suggested ffmpeg changes, you’ll need to edit Line 14 (or 15, depending on version) of the following file, whichever has the ffmpeg argument list:

    1. Ignore audio stream: add "-an", after "mpeg1video", and before "-bf",

    As I find more things to try, I’ll post them back on here.

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