Integrate logging framework

  • What do you think about using a logging framework like winston (the fork in the link seems to work with electron)?

    I don’t know if my debugging methods are wrong, but currently I’m debugging with a ssh session, having tail -f for error and out logs (or pm2 log) and via web browser console to my mirror’s IP on port 8080 to catch logs from the main application, the node_helper and a fetcher class.

    In my opinion this method kinda inconvenient. I’d like to have all logs (even the ones from fetcher modules and node_helper modules) in one place.

    If anyone has a better debugging method I’d appreciate any help and advice.
    If all of you are doing it like me, I’d start integrating a logging framework for the whole node.js application, which covers global logging over modules and make a PR when ready (and of course if @MichMich wants this).

    What do you think? Or do you have any advices for me?

  • MagicMirror Creator

    I agree this should be improved. In the front end I already used a placeholder/proxy which we can simply adjust. (See the Log object).

    In the backend such a proxy is not yet available. I think the best approach is adding a similar proxy so that we easily can swap out any 3rd party framework.

  • Any update?

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