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Fan control

  • Hello all!
    This topic has already been discussed few times as i saw but I didn’t find info to achieve what i want. Maybe someone is also looking for a similar solution with some electronic skills and we can work together to find the “perfect” solution :p (a relay based solution is omitted on purpose).

    The idea is to have a circuit to control 2 fans (12v - 0.33A) with either a mosfet or a bjt with a good schematic that will protect the Pi with some pull-down resistor, diodes, etc and finally cool down the whole mirror when the temp threshold is reached.
    If anyone is interested to have such a system and gain knowledge at the same time in electronic, feel free to share ideas.
    First objective would be to determine which type of transistor would be the best: mosfet or bipolar and why?

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    or just a 12v supply with a relay that reacts to the 3v/5v output of the raspberrys gpio …

    or just a relay if you already have the 12v supply.

  • @broberg thx for your input. As mentioned above, i wanted to avoid using a relay to have a silent system

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    @bibi fan controllers are cheap.

    or get 5v fans?

  • @broberg have already a 5v fan… i am rather interested in gaining knowledge about transistors by building a “project” to cool down my whole MM system.

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