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MMM-Awesome-Alexa - Hide/ShowModules and other

  • Dear all, i’m finally get my Magic Mirror Working with MMM-Awesome-Alexa module. it’s great and works really fine. now, i’m looking a way to implement on it new Skills that can eg hide/show modules, and or execute action. So i’ve read all docs on the repo and in this forum, but unfortunately i cannot find anyone that has achieved this. on Google, i’ve found a couple of project for integrate Alexa with the raspberry that uses python scripts as listener with cronjob, but nothing directly integrated with MM2.
    So, there is someone that can drive me in the right way in order to implement MMM-Awesome-Alexa to receive response and execute commands ?

    Hoping that someone can help me thanks in Advance and really Best Regards.

  • I know you can do this with MMM-AlexaOnOff. Or perhaps you can see how it is done there and do something similar with MMM-Awesome-Alexa?

  • @hacaro Or read here from the beginning and good luck i still haven’t reached my goal and make it work but others have achieved it;