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Module help for variable

  • Hi,
    I’ve created a small module to turn my monitor off when my nest realizes I’ve left the house. This uses a notification from mmm-nest-status. Since I’m a noob I don’t understand how to keep track of a variable between notifications. I’m guessing I need something in start: ? Here is the code:

    Module.register("controlMonitor", {
    	defaults: {},
    	notificationReceived: function(notification, payload, sender) {
    		if (notification === 'MMM_NEST_STATUS_UPDATE') {
    	processData: function(data) {
    		var awayState = 'unknown'; // 'home', 'away'
    		// check for away state
    		if (data.devices && data.structures) {
    			var sId = Object.keys(data.structures)[0];
    			var sObj = data.structures[sId];
    			awayState = sObj.away;
    		var oldAwayState = this.awayState;
    		this.awayState = awayState;
    		// if state has changed and new is away then shut monitor off
    		if (!(this.oldAwayState === awayState) && (this.awayState === 'away')) {
    			//this.sendNotification("REMOTE_ACTION", {action: 'MONITOROFF'});
    				console.log( + "awayState " + awayState + "oldAwayState " + oldAwayState + " " + this.datetime4log());
    		// if state has changed and new is home then turn monitor on
    		if (!(this.oldAwayState === awayState) && (this.awayState === 'home')) {
    			//this.sendNotification("REMOTE_ACTION", {action: 'MONITORON'});
    				console.log( + "awayState " + awayState + "oldAwayState " + oldAwayState + " " + this.datetime4log());
    	datetime4log: function() {
    		var d = new Date();
    		return (d.getMonth()+1) + "/" + d.getDate() + "/" + d.getHours() + ":" + d.getMinutes() + ":" + d.getSeconds();

    What’s happing now is the home state is firing off every 2 minutes for every notification. I need a module level oldAwayState variable, so the when I get the update I can test against it to only fire off an update if there is a change.


  • @rts58 said in Module help for variable:

    Module.register("controlMonitor", {
    	defaults: {},
            oldAwayState: 'unknown',
            awayState: 'unknown',

  • Thank you @sdetweil ! So that helps me to create the module level variable. Sorry for dumb question, but how to I read/write it from within my process data function? I thought using this.oldAwayState would be the module level.

  • @rts58 this should work w your code as is

  • That’s what I thought. But it still fires off every two minutes, there must be an error in the logic.

  • Is there something wrong with this:

    if (!(this.oldAwayState === awayState) && (this.awayState === 'home')) 

    maybe they are both not strings or something?

  • @rts58 you can use the dev console and put stops in the code and look at the variables

  • @sdetweil thanks, I’ll give that a try. I’ve been writing the variables to the consol log but it’s not quite as helpful.

  • @rts58 the dev light is only for the module just file ( where getDom() is located)

    Debugging the node helper or included scripts needs the console.log. sorry for confusion

  • @sdetweil Thanks, I got it. I needed to get rid of “this”. So the correct test was:

    if (!(oldAwayState === awayState) && (awayState === 'home')) 

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