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Two way mirror film

  • Has anyone tried to apply two way mirror film directly to a monitor/display screen instead of putting it on glass then putting the monitor/display behind it?
    Asking for a friend…

  • I haven’t yet, I have used the film on glass for my first mirror project. The main problem is you have to use soapy water (spray) to apply the film to make sure you don’t get any bubbles. (Near impossible to apply film without water)

    If you do this directly to a typical monitor screen you might get water over the electronics side of it. You might be able to if you’re extremely careful and take good precautions.

    I’m planning on trying this on my next project as I have a touchscreen monitor.
    The monitor I have is a frame-less one and the glass is a bit thicker on the front than a typical monitor.
    I am confident I can apply the film to this without any issues.

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  • So I put the film on my tv monitor and it looks ok but not great. Two things, first the display is so bright you lose a lot of the mirror affect I believe, second I think because the film is not on a piece of glass the wrong side of the film is facing forward. Going to try on a LED monitor and try a piece of Plexiglas.

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    @dgregory19 - Interesting. Please report back with the results of your efforts.

  • Hello, i am going to bouild my magic mirror (i am waiting for some parts, like the LCD driver), I’ve tested a very cheap two way mirror film on a little glass frame. Not sure i’ve clear as i should before applying the film, infact there are some imperfections. I also remember you all that the film has one (in certain cases, two) protective film for the reflective side. That side is “stickeable” on the back of the glass (the inner part facing the outside part). On internet you could find a lot of tutorial. I share here the result of this very first testing, pulling the glass “filmed” mirror on a led monitor.
    I like the result (more than enough for the money).
    Monitor without mirror
    Monitor with a glass panel with a mirror film

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    Excellent! Thank you for giving us a solid reference to use going forward.

  • @dgregory19 You need external window film as there are 2 types installed internal / external.
    For a magic mirror you need external or yes it will be back to front when you apply it.

  • @fermamitiprego imho I literally HATE acrylic films. 😣

    It starts showing scratches at first glance and the surface is so imperfect and full of bubbles …

    I don’t know the size of the LCD monitor you are going to use, but consider into using a REAL glass like ie. a Pilkington MirroView!

  • @cr4z33 I think we all agree that MirrorView is far superior, but the whole point of trying to make due with mirror film is because of the very high cost for MirrorView.

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