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Change images slides by buttons or by scheduled events

  • Hi everybody,

    I have an issue that I don’t realize how to solve it:

    My mirror has several modules, but particularly has MMM-ImageSlideshow to show images in an iterative way. Everything works fine, but now, I need to pass the images shown by ImageSlides with a button action (show previous or next image).

    At first, I tried to instance some ImageSlides modules (each module showing only one picture) and I tried to manage the visualization of each module with MMM-Carousel without success, because all instances of ImageSlides were shown in the mirror at the same time (not only one at time).

    So, I researched in the 3rd-party-modules but I didn’t find anything that can fit to my requirement.

    In summary, I’m looking for some way to pass images (previous and next) by a button action. I would be very nice to me if some of you have an idea how to do this. Also, if someone want to share a config file as an example I would be very grateful.

    Thank you very much.