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increase brightness of magic mirror

  • I need to adjust the brightness of a HDMI monitor running raspberry pi desktop, when I run magic mirror its very dark and hard to see in daylight the monitor is full brightness can I adjust the brightness from the raspberry with a software install, any ideas from someone would be great thanks

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    @dstoneham brightness is usually adjusted by controls on the monitor itself, or a TV remote control if you’re using a TV.

    I’m assuming you’re finding it dimmer than usual behind your two-way glass mirror correct? This is to be expected given the nature of how two-way glass works. If you can’t get your screen bright enough, you have three options:

    • move your mirror to a location that doesn’t get direct light shining on it. This will likely make a drastic difference, and it’s free!

    • use a different monitor that is capable of getting much brighter

    • use two-way glass that offers more transmittance. Lots of opinions on here as to what the right level is… some say 50% reflective, 50% transmittive. I personally went with 70% reflective, 30% transmittive and I find it adequate but in direct sunlight the screen is hard to read.

  • @j-e-f-f Thanks was hoping for some software to increase the display

  • are you use the module remote-control?
    control the brightness in the control menu
    Was always set to 50% with me although I did not enter anything.

  • hi thanks I did try remote control and yes you are right its 50% but does not always save the settings have to keep going back and change to 100% every few days don’t know why it saves but the dims again, so was looking for anything else people had used.

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    @dstoneham some monitors have an “eco” mode or something named similar tat automatically adjusts the brightness based on ambient light. See if your monitor has a similar setting, and try turning it off.

  • Yep checked monitor at full brightness no eco settings shame as must be something to increase brightness will keep looking thanks anyway

  • @dstoneham Do you have a screen with CCFL or LED backlight. If CCFL you could try to replace with a LED strip and see how that works. You can those very cheap already. I did that with an old 17" LCD which had 4 CCFL tubes. Now it has 2 LED strips instead and the brightness increased.

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