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MMM-FUEL Icon Issue when Default Calendar is activated

  • Hi guys i have a problem with the MMM-Fuel module.
    The arrow for price list isn`t showing if i have activate the default Calendar module.

    default Calendar module activated


    default Calendar module deactivated


    Thanks for help.

  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    @icke I’m going to guess that both modules are using fontawesome for the icons, but the default calendar is using a local copy that does not include the icon that the MMM-Fuel needs, and it is likely overriding the MMM-Fuel version.

    A couple of things you can do:

    • examine the fontawesome CSS file in the calendar module to see if there is a different name for the same icon included, then use some custom CSS to apply it to the MMM-Fuel module
    • override fontawesome in your custom CSS with a more complete version, either calling the CDN version directly, or a local copy that includes all the icons you need.

  • Thanks Jeff i changed the Icon in the MMM-fuel.js


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