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Backup Magic Mirror..?

  • hello friends…
    i am just wondering, is there a way to backup all modules, custom files, i mean all the changes we make & new files we add on Rpi just after a fresh install of Magic Mirror…? … like a module? or a command? to backup to google drive or so? i mean like it happens on whatsapp…!!

    we could copy the files from memory card but what about files on Rpi…?

    if something goes wrong, we could install fresh new Magic Mirror, then download backup, place it on Rpi & memory card… and its good to run again…!!!

  • I just have samba set up on my pi, so then I can access the MM folder on my windows PC. Then backup the MM folder from there.

    Works well, I have restored many times. Just reinstall MM and copy the files to the new pi.

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    @roxx - You can always create an ISO file of your SD card. You can restore from that if your SD card becomes corrupted.

    I find that copying the config.js file is 90% of the way there. It will list the modules that you have installed, which you can download fresh from GitHub with little problem. The config file will contain the API keys, so that’s the part that individual to your mirror in most cases.

    Having a copy of the Raspbian image on hand is probably another 5%.

    Spinning up a new Pi with a given config.js isn’t that hard.

    1. Flash the Raspian image to SD card and boot to it.
    2. Remove unwanted features (Wolfram Alpha, Minecraft, LibreOffice, etc.)
    3. Update, upgrade, distro upgrade.
    4. Install Node, Electron & XScreenSaver. Configure screensaver to never save the screen.
    5. Clone Magic Mirror & npm install
    6. Restoreconfig.js from backup.
    7. Clone & npm install the modules listed in the config.js file.
    8. enjoy!

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