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MMM-navbar (for use with MMM-Page-Selector)

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    My version of a navigation bar for Touchscreen’s for MagicMirror². The base for this was taken from MM-navbar by chr1syy, but I have rewritten it to be more generic and compatible with MMM-Page-Selector



    cd ~/MagicMirror/modules/
    git clone


    Add this to your config.js:

    			module: "MMM-navbar",
    			position: "top_center",
    			config: {
    				pages: [
    					{ icon: "fas fa-home", name: "main" },
    					{ icon: "fas fa-calendar", name: "calendar" },
    					{ icon: "fas fa-music", name: "media" },
    					{ icon: "fas fa-tools", name: "tools" },

    In the MMM-Page-Selector page configuration, the MMM-navbar module should be included in exclusions, to make it visible on every page.


    • pages lists pages to switch to. They should be in the same order as defined in MMM-Page-Selector, as the notification “SELECT_PAGE” will be sent by page number
    • icon defines Font Awesome icon identifier

    The navigation bar also includes an additional icon to immediately trigger the screensaver using xscreensaver


    used on RPI 3 with MagicMirror 2.6.0, node.js 8.15.1

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    Fantastisk! (The one Norwegian word I know). 👍

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