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my mirror

  • Hello everyone. I want to thank all the community for the info, and the help you brought me on this forum.
    Here are some pictures of my mirror almost finished, some finishing, and it will be perfect.0_1479643946806_15047014_879486392188185_8529693097238462464_n.jpg 0_1479643955965_15035003_1652898138336506_8257501670863273984_n.jpg 0_1479643962673_15057358_160669824401114_1164723512095539200_n.jpg

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    Interesting look. Is it just the photos or is your display not that bright?

  • My display is actually not very bright.
    I have to adjust on the screen to the maximum, my I think the mirror glass and too thick. (6mm)

  • Congrats on your mirror, it has quite a different layout compared to some others!
    What is the purpose of the hole in the bottom center? Microphone?
    So you told you had problems regarding mmm-random photo or flickr, which module are you using for your pictures now?

  • Thank you, the hole at the bottom of the mirror, and use a PIR detector, it only detects when you find it in front of the mirror.
    For the photos, I work with the module MMM instagram, because I unfortunately did not succeed in making the other work.
    I still have some configuration problem, I would like to succeed in increasing the size of the photos, and also increase the font of writing …
    I can not do it.
    I have to start a new mirror for my mother, here it is:

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