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How do I access my Pi from an externel network to install modules and change config.js?

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    @thedoorsfanatic - Interesting. RealVNC has built the infrastructure to create a middleman VNC server and made it free. For five free-of-charge installations, that’s a hell of a deal. Much easier than my C&C installation. The downside is that you have to trust the RealCNC people (shouldn’t be a problem. But I trust nobody. Professional habit.)

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    For those who want to do it the hard way, I have a tutorial on using cloud VMs to provide a means to connect to your Mirrors. I designed it for multiple mirrors of unlimited number.

    I’ll be up front about this: My way is complicated and provides only SSH access to your mirrors. But it is about as secure as you’re going to find. It doesn’t rely on installing unknown services on your Mirror Pi (Dataplicity, RealVNC). It’s all open source and SSH key protected.

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