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MM2 on a x86 laptop running Raspberry Pi desktop not working.... Why not?

  • Hi guys,

    Last week I installed Raspberry Pi Desktop on an old netbook (Acer Aspire One D250) I had laying around. And though rasbian is working just fine I can’t install MM2 on it.
    The reason I would like to install MM2 on the laptop is to have a platform to test various modules on before installing them on my actual mirror.

    Can anyone explain to me why I can’t install it? Or are there way’s to make it work?

  • I just came across Mykle1’s guide for installing MM2 on a 32bit Win7 laptop.
    I still have a license key for Windows laying around somewere so I have a backup in case MM2 realy can’t run on x86 Raspberry Pi Desktop… but ofcourse I hope it can run on it! 😄 😄

  • @MWel1977 why can’t you install?

    The scripted install might fail, cause that machine is not a pi

    Use the manual install method.

  • @sdetweil
    Hi Sam,
    That’s indeed what it said: “Installation failed. This probably isn’t a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3…”
    or something like that.
    But okay… I’ll try and do it manualy then. Hope that works for me 😰
    Getting sweaty hands already just thinking about that…
    But hey…It’s not working now anyway…so what have I got to loose!?🤓 😜

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    That guide is a little old. Yes, it will still work as described. However, I’ve left Windows behind where MagicMirror is concerned. If I were writing that guide today I would be urging the use of ubuntu. Continue what you are doing, by all means. If all else fails, consider trying ubuntu.

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