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Warn-App NINA

  • Hello

    is it posible to creat a modul for Warn-App NINA?

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    @v0rtex that would be very nice to have!

  • Doesn’t look like there is an API available, so basically no way to get the data in.

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    There seams to be a RSS feed, but no API at the moment. 😓

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    NINA is the most useless service ever. It never worked a single time on my phone. Not even when they send test alarms. Any effort on a Nina module is currently a waste of time and resources.

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    I have to strongly disagree with you on this point. The NINA app has worked for me several times and has been proven to work fast and accurately. Even with GPS-based locations (e.g. on business trips) it warned me about events on the move.

    Of course the whole system, not the app, failed during the warning day. But it wasn’t the app’s fault, there were several cascading effects.

    Nevertheless, big fires in my area, airplane bomb discoveries, all this has worked very well, fast and reliable during the last years.

    Therefore my clear PRO for the app and also for finally releasing the API. Via “Ask the State” they tried this before, unfortunately without success.

    Translated with (free version)

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    @MajorC I don’t blame the app but the whole backend, which is unreliable. When I lived in Munich a few years ago two WWII bombs were found on a construction ground near our house within two months. We got noticed by the police when they rang on our door and requested our evacuation. Both times no warnings from Nina and we had to leave immediately without any possibility to pack some stuff for our 14 months old daughter. Then the shooting at McDonalds. I work about 500 m away, the notification came 3 hours later and the situation that evening was chaotic. Followups? Forget it! But if the system collapses already under dry-run conditions, then it is no wonder that in an real emergency the system would fail, too. Such systems have to work 100% reliable under all circumstances. If they don’t, they are useless and people like me start to lose trust. And over the last years obviously nothing improved. I fully agree that we need a warning system, but Nina unfortunately lost a lot of trust for me. The tweets from the local police departments are by far more reliable, accurate, trustworthy and faster.

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