MM Face AI like Face

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    How to activate the face for MM, apparently there is one in MM?

  • Are und sure this is the magicmirror?
    Did not found anything related or somebody is still working on it and didnt publish. Or i just didnt find it.

    Can u give me a link?

  • 100% the guy working on another AI project that i’ve been trying to test for ideas, stated categorically its in MM already

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    @wjdw87 Its a different repository that provides most of the AI functionality. Please check the description of the video, on how to set it up.

  • My bad, miss-understanding. alt text


  • He is using the michmich magic mirror in the video but in his link to create a magic mirror he’s using Evan Cohens magic mirror… two different mirrors.
    Evan’s has voice control built in [Google] and it works BUT there are NO 3rd party modules and from what I understand it’s a HUGE process to make one.

    MichMich mirror MANY 3rd party modules, easy to make and there are a few different voice modules and facial recognition modules already available.

    My money is on the MichMich … with users able to create what they need it will outpace the other.