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Please read the release notes carefully since this update requires adjustments to your Raspberry Pi configuration!

Black screen without error when using MM modules

  • Hi all,

    my rasberry pi3 magic mirror installation works fine with the standard modules.
    Although, I tried to add some custom modules, namely the cool fish of the day module & the dailyXkCD one.
    Cloning the most recent repo into the mirror folder works and is successfull. Also, I think there is no error in the config file as I do not get the “warning screen from Magic mirror” telling me that something must be wrong in the config.

    However, as soon as the application launches I only see a black screen. That happend for both models. #
    At first I thought that I double placed modules on the same position on the screen but even after making sure that this is not the case I get the black screen.

    The console does not give any error message.

    Are such problems module related or do I miss dependencies on my pi?

    Thank you all so much for this awesome project & support


  • @TebE It sure sounds like there is an error in the config.js file. If you can, copy your config file and paste it here and we’ll take a look at it. Please remember to 1) remove any API keys or passwords when you paste, and 2) use the markdown features (surround it with three back-ticks) to make your config file easier to read.

  • Issues have been solved: Despite the detailed description I did not place the specific module folders in the “module” folder.
    Works now.

    Thanks a lot - Post can be deleted.