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Wip vertical standing mirror

  • Hi all
    Just wanted to thank all for the great info.
    I am finishing, after some years of reading and adding, my first mirror build.
    I am very happy with it even if its not completely finished yet (software wise).
    The mirror is 70x180 with a 37 inch screen. Rpi4
    Rcwl doppler based presence sensor thanks to…cant remember user
    Tv ir and buttons exported to the frame
    4 momentary switchws + 4 switches to manage tv and somw settings
    Intel movidius ncs2 stick inside and configured to be used soon with posenet and face reco (todo)
    Embedded lovelace homeassistant dashboadd (tx mmm smartwwebdisplay module author)

    Picam for face reco thanks @nischi
    Google assistant hotword etc thanks to @Sean
    Pir sensor thanks to @paviro
    Pages thanks to @Veldrovive and

    And many other users.
    Tx again

    I am also using a kinect to manage virtual mouse (movement and click) and am devwloping an euristic to intercept swipes (wip).

    You can find a video here

    As soon as possible i will write a better post

    Happy ny to all0_1577803005249_IMG_20191231_153611.jpg

  • Project Sponsor

    @dvbit congrats to that MM (Monster Mirror 😉) and a happy new year! Happy to see that you use the RCWL😁

  • @Fozi thanks to you. I used the same professional box behind the mirror 🙂

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